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Picture of Phoebe Phoebe's Patience...why this name? The house was a real mess when we bought the property on April's Fool Day in 2004. A lot of repairs had to be made and quickly. On our second work trip, we were delighted to discover Eastern Phoebes nesting under the eave at the front door. We had a short period of time in which to do a lot of work, so we simply had to do it -- in spite of the nest. We clattered and banged all around it; pulled off boards, replaced the front window, painted, etc. The phoebes stayed on their nest throughout it all.

Their perseverance paid off as they were rewarded with three babies that all safely fledged. What else could we do but honor the little birds who displayed incredible patience in the face of such intense disturbance to their previously quiet surroundings?

Phoebes are known to return time after time to their nesting spots, even re-using old nests from previous years. They are voracious hunters of insects - as are swallows and bluebirds. Phoebes are among the many migratory birds whose habitats are being destroyed and are suffering declining numbers as a consequence. You will recognize them as small birds with light fronts and dark heads, wings and backs - they bob their tails when perched. You will often see them sitting up on the tops of the blue spruce out front and on the utility lines. Picture of phoebe fledglings Please help us, and the phoebes, by disturbing the nesting sites as little as possible. Look and enjoy, but please don't touch. We hope the little phoebes come back for years to come.

2014: unknown as of yet
2013: No nesting at the house
2012: One successful nest - five fledglings from under the front porch
2011: Two successful nests.
2010: A successful nest! Four phoebes were hatched on May 25th and all safely fledged on June 14th @ 9:15 a.m. (same day as last year)
2009: One successful nest under the front porch eave. Four youngsters fledged on June 14th (photo at right was taken by guest Pat C. with a telephoto lens the day before the little phoebes left the nest).
2007: Sadly, the phoebes' first nest was found destroyed. Three broken eggs. We suspect a weasel or cat is responsible!
2006: About July 16th, four babies successfully "flew the coop."
2005: One successful nest produced three fledglings in July.

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