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Barn foundation Our cottage rests on a stone foundation laid in 1840. The original farmhouse burned in 1939 and was rebuilt in 1940. All that remains of the lovely old barn is its granite foundation (shown at left). Be sure to take time to appreciate the craftsmanship and imagine the massive stones being cut by hand, hauled, and put into place using draft animals. The granite was locally quaried only a few miles away from the house.

Extensive rennovation of the front yard began in the fall of 2006. Paula and her mom designed a winding garden that extends across the entire front of the house. Quaried stone discovered lying loose around the property was used in the construction, as well as cobblestones disposed of during Boston's "Big Dig." As a special feature of the new garden area, Paula had a large piece of stone set at the end of the house as a place upon which to sit and watch the fields.

The property stretches back more than 2,500 feet up to the top of a ridgeline and then wraps back around another. It is surrounded by more than 1,000 acres of privately owned, undeveloped forest. We have built over 7 miles of hiking trails on our property, and they are simply wonderful! Vernal Rocks trail Hiking the trails allows you to see a variety of New Hampshire woodland habitats - young and old forest, sensitive wetlands such as vernal pools, babbling brooks, and the effects of glacial action on granite. The photo at right looks downhill along a section of the Velvet Rocks trail near our largest vernal pool. The photo to the left shows the little brook that runs behind the house. The property is blessed with a variety of forest types; open areas, transitional woodlands, and deep forest. Our creek We are actively managing our property to support diverse wildlife. Approximately eight acres immediately around the house was cleared to support animals that depend upon open grassland in which to browse and raise their young.

You will experience nature's amazing presence no matter what time of the year you visit, if you observe with all of your senses. Smell sweet apple blossoms in the old orchard, listen to birds call, wade in the brooks, and see tracks and signs of an enormous variety of wildlife. Deer frequently feed in the open areas around the house in the early morning and late evening. Moose travel back and forth by the brook, and black bear occasionally wander by. Wildflowers such as Lady’s Slippers, Jack in the Pulpit, Painted Trillium, Starflowers, Indian Cucumber Root and others are a delight when in bloom!

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Check out our Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall Photos!

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